Day 24 – Packing, packing, packing

I’ve spent the last week in a trip with no laptop, and no internet – and frankly better things to do than edit photos… So I apologise for the delay in posting these.

Packing is never fun. At best it is quick and relatively painless. At worst it is… well… as if you were trying to try to pack for a trip where the weather can be anything from 5-30 C, you are not sure what you’ll be doing, or where you’ll be going. But you know there will be no possibility of buying anything you may have left behind.

Day 12 – Night at the dam

I admit. I’m cheating.

I took photos every day in the conference. I just did not like any I took on day 3. So  this photo is taken in day 2 after few (or a few more) drinks with friends and colleagues. However, it is my challenge, so I’ll allow it.

The conference venue was centered aroun this beautiful dam. With clear skies, amazing number of stars and a slight glow of town lights from nearby, the scene was just beautiful.