Day 78 – Light in a Jar

Few years ago, South Africa suffered from a series of blackouts, as the energy supply was not sufficient. The situation sparked innovation in how to (safely!) light up homes without electricity. My favourite was this solar panel light set in a glass jar. Surprisingly effective and very cute, they are still in use, although we haven’t had a blackout in while. (Knock on wood!)

Day 77 – Reflection

Our pool area is surrounded by a glass fence. Fence is a must to make sure puppies and (visiting) kids can’t get into the pool un-supervised. However, a solid fence would block any view to the garden from the house windows. Glass fence is thus great – although it must be washed often due to the large number of visiting birds…

Our garden has embraced the fence, and many flowers lean to it for support, creating nice reflections in the sunshine.