Day 160 – Not again!

Merlin appears in a lot of my photos – in even more of them, he is hovering just outside the frame, wondering what is going on… Yet again! In fact, quite a few of my failed pictures have some part of Merlin in them. Typically the nose.

Although he is most often willing – even enthusiastic – model, this one was cutting it a little too close to the dinner time.

Day 160

Day 154 – Dolsot Bibimbab

I have mentioned before how both Stuart and myself are partial to Asian food. We have a very good Korean grocery store in the neighbourhood, so we have a possibility to often cook Korean. There is a lot of variety in Korean kitchen, but we are specifically fond of street food. It is simple, tasty and quick. Bibimbab – a rice pot with vegetables, beef and chili sauce – is one of our every-day favourites. Some months ago we even invested in the ‘proper’ Dolsot Bibimbab bowls. Layering the meal in these hot clay pots makes rice nice and crunchy. Our kind of food.


Day 142 – Friends can be tiring

As mentioned before, Merlin and Jozi are best friends. They play happily together most of the time – especially after Jozi grew up enough to stop hanging in Merlin’s beard constantly. However, Merlin is a strong introvert. After few days of constant playing, he needs some ‘alone time’ and retreats in the corners of the garden. He refuses to play with Jozi or even properly acknowledge him.

This phase lasts for a day. Then they play happily again and snooze next to each other. Best friends.


Day 141 – Early Mornings

Today was a public holiday – Women’s Day – in South Africa. I planned to sleep in late to make up for the busy week with a lot of early wake-ups. Well, that didn’t happen. Merlin and Jozi (who is visiting for a week) decided at 5:30 am that it is time to get up. And so, I had a little nose poking into my hand every few minutes, just to check whether I was already awake. Unable to sleep, I did the only thing I could at that situation. I baked muffins.

In our house, dogs don’t eat human food.