Day 123 – Rome

I love the concept of a siesta – when I’m on holiday. How anyone can work with a siesta breaking the day in two, is completely beyond me. But on holiday, the break at midday is the ultimate luxury. As an additional benefit, there is no better time for photography than very, very early in the morning.

Roman Forum in sunrise.

I apologise for a delay in posting. Ever since the plane touched down back in Johannesburg, I’ve been run off my feet.

Day 54 – For the love of reading

Me and Stuart both love reading. We both started using Kindles after just a few weeks of living together, as we quickly started running out of wall space. Both of us love buying books and would never sell one – not a combination that works in the normal-sized houses. Nowadays we only buys cookbooks and travel books – everything else is digital.

So today’s photo is an experiment on long exposure photography to celebrate the spirit of reading.