Project 365

100% of the great photos are taken by the people who remembered to take their camera with them.

I love my camera. However, for some reason we very rarely hang out together anymore… Sure, we have the occasional trip here and there, but in day-to-day life I tend to leave my camera home.

Therefore, I’ve been thinking for the long time about taking up the 365 photo challenge – one photo every day for a year. And now I’ve started.

The 365 project for me is all about getting back to the habit of taking photos. It’s not about taking an amazing photo (unless that happens by accident), or even learning new skills (although something will hopefully rub off). It is all about taking the camera with me.

Those of you who know me – or were with me when I started this blog before – are aware that I am not known for my perseverance when it comes to blogs and such. Life often gets in the way. However, I’ll try to stick to this one for at least those 365 days (duh!). However, as I am doing this mostly for myself, I will not guarantee a post every day. I will take the photo daily – but posting them might take few extra days…

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