Day 162 – Baby Shower

We had a baby shower for a colleague this morning – a lovely breakfast with all the office ladies. An event made somewhat shorter by the fact that the mother-to-be – to whom this was a surprise – went to the wrong restaurant, got stuck in traffic, and appeared 40 min late. In the meantime, there was plenty of time to take photos of the restaurant fountains.

Day 162


Day 146 – Dinner in a Bookstore

As has been painfully obvious from my earlier posts – Stuart and I like two things: books and good food. Therefore it is no surprise that one of our favourite places nowadays is Social Kitchen – a fine dining restaurant in a bookstore. The store really encourages people to pick up a book from the shelf, order a drink and sit down to read – and many do.

Although we rarely sit here and read, the atmosphere and food get us coming back. Most often with friends.

Day 109 – Mall Life

In the past, a big portion of social life in Johannesburg has revolved around shopping malls. The security issue in South Africa has made it difficult to create a ‘street culture’ worth mentioning. Thus it has been such a pleasure to see how there has been more and more interesting neighbourhoods and outside restaurant popping up in the past 2 years. Security is still an issue, but people find ways around it. And that leaves shopping malls for what they are good for – shopping.