Day 162 – Baby Shower

We had a baby shower for a colleague this morning – a lovely breakfast with all the office ladies. An event made somewhat shorter by the fact that the mother-to-be – to whom this was a surprise – went to the wrong restaurant, got stuck in traffic, and appeared 40 min late. In the meantime, there was plenty of time to take photos of the restaurant fountains.

Day 162


Day 146 – Dinner in a Bookstore

As has been painfully obvious from my earlier posts – Stuart and I like two things: books and good food. Therefore it is no surprise that one of our favourite places nowadays is Social Kitchen – a fine dining restaurant in a bookstore. The store really encourages people to pick up a book from the shelf, order a drink and sit down to read – and many do.

Although we rarely sit here and read, the atmosphere and food get us coming back. Most often with friends.

Day 144 – Baos, friends and a beer or two

Johannesburg nightlife has apparently improved a lot in the last few years. There is a whole host of neighbourhoods and little pockets of buzz, that have never been part of the city scene before. Not that I would know. We are in a bit of a hibernation phase – happy to snuggle up at home or meet friends at their houses. And when we do go out, we tend to frequent the places we know.

Again today, I decided to make a more of an effort in the future. Old friends can take you to new places. Thank you Sid!


Day 68 – Smoking cold

Today has been a day from culinary heaven – asparagus, pancetta & qruyere quiche, tomato & basil sorbet – and cold-smoked salmon (!). It is a taste of Finland. And I still have about 1.5kg of it in the freezer.

The most interesting culinary experience was, though, the cold-smoked chocolate ice cream I made from cream I smoked with the fish. It was eye-rollingly good. I dare you to taste.

Ally and Chris – thank you for being (again) the guinea pigs!

I focused much more on cooking than on photography, but just for the fun of it, below are a few pics of the food.

Day 68 - quicheDay 68 - ice creamDay 68 - fishDay 68 - fish ready

INSEAD reunion

Group photo credits to Alexandre Halbardier

One weekend with 250 friends is not enough – but then again 1 year with 500 was not enough either. New memories were made.

  • Friday house party – which proved NOTHING has changed in 5 years – we still live on champagne, pizza and laughter
  • Doing another case in class – which proved something has changed, as the entire class actually read the case before the discussion
  • Celebrating in style in Fontainebleau chateau – which was definitely a change from all the nights spent in fliplops and shorts in Singapore
  • Hanging out in the lawn and cafeteria – which proved that even through many of us have moved, changed jobs, married and multiplied, nothing really has changed.

Let’s do many more mini-reunions before the next full-blown party 5 years from now.

PS. You can see the bigger pictures by clicking. If anyone wants the pictures in full size, send me a message.