Day 164 – Spring Day

There is something magical about Spring Day in South Africa. In Finland, Midsummer tends to have everything but summer weather. I even remember a year it was sleeting. The same happens elsewhere in Europe. Just ask the British what is the typical weather for the Spring bank holiday… But in South Africa Spring Day is typically glorious spring weather – warm, sunny and beautiful.

Having a business breakfast outside in the morning was a great decision. The only problem was to motivate oneself to get back to the office.


Day 131 – One Year Ago

The South African side of our family is passionate about Highland Dancing. Stuart’s sister, Hayley, has her own dance studio in Cape Town – and the niece, Robyn, has won the SA Championship (under 15) several times – this year being no exeption. Therefore, the SA Championships in August is a major event, with the entire family descending on us.

The day is always a lot of fun, but due to travel, work and life in general, I was unable to join them for the event itself. However, it did get me going back to my photos from year before. And because these were better than any pictures I snapped on this date itself (by a long mile), I decided to make an exception and post pictures from exactly a year ago.

If everyone knows about it, it ain’t cheating.

Day 131Day 131 - 2Day 131 - 3Day 131 - 4Day 131 - 5Day 131 - 6Day 131 - 7

Day 125 – A Mistake

Today’s photo is not the best of the day. (My last day in Rome…). In fact, it was (and still is) a bad photo in many ways – overexposed, badly framed and lots of ‘noise’ in the picture (The cars really bother me). I am still not sure why I kept editing it over and over again, and trying to make it work. Something in it just spoke to me.

It’s still not the greatest of photos. But the story it tells is a story so very typical to Rome.

Day 100 – Gone like a Smoke

100 days… I’m quite proud of myself!
On one hand, it has been easier to continue taking (and posting) photos than I expected. I have never yet felt like giving up. (Although, I’m not very good at sticking to a routine.) On another hand, I never could have imagined how hard it is to come up with a different photo every day. I have never realised how rarely there is anything photogenic happening in my life – especially as I am trying to avoid alienating all my friends by having the camera on their faces every time we meet…
100 down, 265 to go. My imagination will need to get in a better shape.

Warning: may contain nuts

Another fabulous Luxembourg festival: Vianden Nut Festival. The whole day dedicated to walnuts.

Just take everyhting you can imagine that can be made of walnuts –  and multiply it by two.Only thing you can’t find anywhere is a nutcracker. We have found our market space for next year.

201310 Vianden nut market 179

201310 Vianden nut market 530

201310 Vianden nut market 481

201310 Vianden nut market 473

The highight for many in this festival is the nut liquer. And the traditional ways is to smuggle in some small cups and drink it on the streets.

201310 Vianden nut market 517

201310 Vianden nut market 486

It’s all quite nuts, really.

201310 Vianden nut market 589