Day 100 – Gone like a Smoke

100 days… I’m quite proud of myself!
On one hand, it has been easier to continue taking (and posting) photos than I expected. I have never yet felt like giving up. (Although, I’m not very good at sticking to a routine.) On another hand, I never could have imagined how hard it is to come up with a different photo every day. I have never realised how rarely there is anything photogenic happening in my life – especially as I am trying to avoid alienating all my friends by having the camera on their faces every time we meet…
100 down, 265 to go. My imagination will need to get in a better shape.

Day 98 – Splash of Pineapple

Raw pineapple is the only thing I’m allergic to – Something I found out the hard way years ago, after having some pineapple for lunch during work. After the pineapple is cooked, the acidity reduces and I can happily eat it to my heart’s content. Nevertheess, we rarely have pineapple in the house.

Last weekend I found a recipe I wanted to try. Luckily pineapples are in season.