Settling in

Third week in Luxembourg.

We have found our supermarket, gas station, necessary government offices and my office. All very close. Our temporary home is like Luxembourg in general – beautiful, romantic, and tiny.

Over the gorge



Street view

Bedroom of The Guest House


Air freight boxes arrived yesterday. That’s both good and bad news. We finally have most of my winter clothes here. But no closet space. I feel like a student again building temporary shelves out of the boxes. Suddenly the five weeks between now and getting our permanent home seem a lot longer.

201302 Lux and Belgium 114

After moving to Luxembourg, parking has become a major pat of everyday life. There is none. And where there is space, the regulation of who can park and for how long. Naturally all in French.

201302 Lux and Belgium 161

201302 Lux and Belgium 163

We are now just taking it easy, learning to know the city and enjoying some quiet home-time. Even cooking. Without an oven.

201302 Lux and Belgium 137