INSEAD reunion

Group photo credits to Alexandre Halbardier

One weekend with 250 friends is not enough – but then again 1 year with 500 was not enough either. New memories were made.

  • Friday house party – which proved NOTHING has changed in 5 years – we still live on champagne, pizza and laughter
  • Doing another case in class – which proved something has changed, as the entire class actually read the case before the discussion
  • Celebrating in style in Fontainebleau chateau – which was definitely a change from all the nights spent in fliplops and shorts in Singapore
  • Hanging out in the lawn and cafeteria – which proved that even through many of us have moved, changed jobs, married and multiplied, nothing really has changed.

Let’s do many more mini-reunions before the next full-blown party 5 years from now.

PS. You can see the bigger pictures by clicking. If anyone wants the pictures in full size, send me a message.


Day 58 – Black and gold of Paris

My favorite part of Paris is Montmartre with its small alleys and tiny cafes. Getting lost in there is pure entertainment.  However, this time I decided to behave a little more like a real tourist (also because I no longer have many of the old pictures I’ve taken from Paris) and headed to the Eiffel tower and Seine. You can’t deny it – it is impressive.