Day 77 – Reflection

Our pool area is surrounded by a glass fence. Fence is a must to make sure puppies and (visiting) kids can’t get into the pool un-supervised. However, a solid fence would block any view to the garden from the house windows. Glass fence is thus great – although it must be washed often due to the large number of visiting birds…

Our garden has embraced the fence, and many flowers lean to it for support, creating nice reflections in the sunshine.



Day 68 – Smoking cold

Today has been a day from culinary heaven – asparagus, pancetta & qruyere quiche, tomato & basil sorbet – and cold-smoked salmon (!). It is a taste of Finland. And I still have about 1.5kg of it in the freezer.

The most interesting culinary experience was, though, the cold-smoked chocolate ice cream I made from cream I smoked with the fish. It was eye-rollingly good. I dare you to taste.

Ally and Chris – thank you for being (again) the guinea pigs!

I focused much more on cooking than on photography, but just for the fun of it, below are a few pics of the food.

Day 68 - quicheDay 68 - ice creamDay 68 - fishDay 68 - fish ready