Day 13 – Back home

Back home. After a long nap (Conferences are taxing. The better thay are, the more tired you’ll be…) and a dip in the pool, I settled down again.

Whenever I’m gone for more than a day, Merlin does not leave my side for few days. These eyes followed me everywhere.

Day 2 – Bird Terror

Merlin – our pup – has one obsession: chasing birds. Initially it was quite an extreme sport, as he was merely 9 weeks old when he discovered the joy of chasing hadedas (a type of large ibis). As it was, a large hadeda was easily 2-3 x bigger than he was…

As he is now 1-year old (and a few kg heavier), I am no longer worried a hadeda will carry him off somewhere. So I let him chase. It keeps him fit – and it keeps hadedas away from our yard, which is a big benefit in itself

Day 2