Day 42 – Rest

While I went shopping today (not something I was not very excited about), I dropped Merlin off for a ‘playdate’ at friend’s house (Remember Merlin’s best friend, Jozi from day 21?). The main benefit from taking Merlin there for a day is that he is exhausted afterwards and requires no attention, thus leaving me to read – or edit photos.

Day 36 – Anything left?

Merlin loves food. With passion. His favourite times of the day are the mealtimes and not a second is wasted in gulping down the food. He has also developed a very accurate internal clock for the mealtimes, and is diligent in ensuring we don’t miss the right moment – at least not by more than 10-15 seconds.

Day 23 – Puppies at play

Having two pups in the house is maybe 5 times more effort than having just one… However, it is fun to watch Merlin and Jozi play together. Merlin is quite an introverted and calm little dog – despite being just over a year old -, so seeing him play his heart out is good. And Jozi is a sweetheart.