Hello world! How you been?

There is real beauty in capturing the small, everyday moments. Finding interest in routine. Allowing individual pictures to create small insights into our life and our world. This is why we want to start this blog – to push ourselves to keep an eye out for those small, happy and beautiful moments in our lives.

Therefore also the name – Blue Moment. The blue moment is that fleeting moment just after the sun has set and it’s not quite dark yet. It is so common you don’t typically even notice it. But it can be incredibly beautiful. (There is a nice old word in Finnish for it – hämäränhyssy – that has been a source of repeated arguments between Erika and her Finnish friends. Just believe me, the word does exist!)

There is also another reason for this blog. With our families and friends spread across the 5 continents, we want to have a  way to share what is going on in our lives – and our photography. What better time to start one than now – while there are so many major changes in our lives? The last two months have fundamentally uprooted our lives: getting married, moving to a new continent, starting a new job for both of us. There should be plenty of reasons to take photos!

This blog will mostly be about photographs –  although we’re likely to write a few comments to complement them.

Thank you for joining us! We are very excited to get started!

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