Day 103 – Stuff from kitchen, episode x

When Stuart and I started to look for a house to buy, there was one deal-breaker: it needed a good kitchen. We had several other criteria too, e.g. reasonably sized, no need for a massive renovation, plenty of light, a fireplace, a garden (big enough, but not too big), pool (Stuart didn’t want one). Those who have visited our house know we got maybe 50% of what we thought we wanted. (To be fair, we fell in love with our house the minute we stepped in – before having time to evaluate it on most criteria in our lists).

But kitchen was non-negotiable. We both just love spending time in there. Maybe my love for kitchen explains why so many of my pictures include kitchen stuff. Or maybe it’s just all so photogenic.

(Btw. Have you noticed that most good house parties also end up with a big gathering in the kitchen? Regardless of where the food is, or where the music is, or where the comfortable chairs are…)

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