Day 146 – Dinner in a Bookstore

As has been painfully obvious from my earlier posts – Stuart and I like two things: books and good food. Therefore it is no surprise that one of our favourite places nowadays is Social Kitchen – a fine dining restaurant in a bookstore. The store really encourages people to pick up a book from the shelf, order a drink and sit down to read – and many do.

Although we rarely sit here and read, the atmosphere and food get us coming back. Most often with friends.

Day 145 – Blueberries

Stuart has always found it funny how obsessed Finns are about berries. Initially he thought it was only me – but he has met enough Finns since then to know it’s a national obsession. I think it is a result of such a short season for berries in Finland. Being able to buy fresh, good berries practically 10 months a year is not something you can do in Finland.

It is a more a general observation as well. People in Norther Europe live and cook (even today) much more based on what is in season. Even though you can get asparagus from Finnish supermarket around the year, the price during the spring season is so much cheaper (and taste so much better), that most people only eat it during those few weeks. Most South Africans could not even say when the asparagus season is.

Day 144 – Baos, friends and a beer or two

Johannesburg nightlife has apparently improved a lot in the last few years. There is a whole host of neighbourhoods and little pockets of buzz, that have never been part of the city scene before. Not that I would know. We are in a bit of a hibernation phase – happy to snuggle up at home or meet friends at their houses. And when we do go out, we tend to frequent the places we know.

Again today, I decided to make a more of an effort in the future. Old friends can take you to new places. Thank you Sid!


Day 142 – Friends can be tiring

As mentioned before, Merlin and Jozi are best friends. They play happily together most of the time – especially after Jozi grew up enough to stop hanging in Merlin’s beard constantly. However, Merlin is a strong introvert. After few days of constant playing, he needs some ‘alone time’ and retreats in the corners of the garden. He refuses to play with Jozi or even properly acknowledge him.

This phase lasts for a day. Then they play happily again and snooze next to each other. Best friends.


Day 141 – Early Mornings

Today was a public holiday – Women’s Day – in South Africa. I planned to sleep in late to make up for the busy week with a lot of early wake-ups. Well, that didn’t happen. Merlin and Jozi (who is visiting for a week) decided at 5:30 am that it is time to get up. And so, I had a little nose poking into my hand every few minutes, just to check whether I was already awake. Unable to sleep, I did the only thing I could at that situation. I baked muffins.

In our house, dogs don’t eat human food.


Day 139 – Somewhere over the Dim Sum

Stuart and I are huge fans of different Asian cuisines. Japanese and Korean are probably our favourites. In fact, I have even made my own Kimchi in occasion. (My fridge smelt just fine, thank you very much!). Typical take-away-style ‘Chinese’ we are less excited about… Although when it gets to regional stuff, e.g., Schezuan food, Stuart is totally sold. And Dim Sums belong to our absolute favourites. Although, the unique colours of this portion were a bit of a surprise. It did make it easy to keep track, who has already eaten what… Lack of that particular conversation made the meal a more pleasant dining experience.

Day 139