Day 138 – Long and Winding Road

Stuart and I have always loved road tripping. We’ve done a few epic trips – most memorably an 5-week drive across the USA, an 8-week trip across Northern Europe, and a few different 2-3 week trips in Mid-and South Europe… There is nothing better than a holiday with a car and no plans. We split the driving equally with Stuart doing the driving during the day, and me driving back to the hotel from the restaurant. Even without reservations, we have always found a place to sleep eventually.

With no opportunity for a proper road trip at the moment, hopping into a car and driving to a secluded new restaurant somewhere in the vicinity is definitely a good way ro rewind on a Sunday.


Day 137 – An hour in the 50’s

I think any relationship needs mini-vacations. Stuart and I try to take a regular day somewhere new – preferably out of the city. In fact, we decided this year to do 24 ‘new’ things to keep exploring Joburg and surroundings. (Although, I admit we have already lost count…)

Anyway – today’s excursion was to Hartbeespoort dam, more specifically to a ‘live-movie set’ called Pretville. It was the film set for an Afrikaans film of the same name – a musical set in the 50s. They have preserved the film set for an attraction and a setting for events.

As I have never really been that into Afrikaans music or movies, most of the plot escaped me. But it did make some great photos of 50s cars.

It does say something about Stuart’s patience that he is still keen on going to these outing with me, knowing a lot of the time will be spent on finding the right camera angles…

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Day 135 – The One that didn’t break

I really enjoy high-speed photography. Especially when it comes to water-drops and splashes. So I got an idea to photograph breaking water-balloons. Being as impatient and bad at planning as I am, I got right to it. The fact that I didn’t actually have any water-balloons was of no consequence. Normal balloon would do.

Except that it didn’t. It. Just. Wouldn’t. Break.

You can imagine all the cool splash-effects going on in the inside of the balloon.


Day 134 – Savoury Tooth

Stuart has no sweet-tooth what-so-ever. It sincerely limits my possibilities for baking. I like eating, but there is only so much cake one person can handle. And our freezer can’t take that many chocolate muffins. Therefore, I blame Stuart for the fact that I have never learned to decorate a cake. But I do make good cinnamon buns (thank you Mum!), Karelian Pies (thank you Google!) and an occasional savoury muffin.

About this photo: Stuart doesn’t bake. It is a set-up.

Day 133 – Calm Before the Snooze

It’s not hard to ‘suffer’ through a winter in Johannesburg. It can get very cold at nights, and I complain about it as much as the next person. Probably more, as I still – after 7 years – have not gotten used to how cold it gets inside the houses.
But still, with no rain and blue sky every day, the temperatures can rise over 20 C during the day. And that fleeting moment, just after sunset when it is still relatively warm, almost makes you think it’s summer.

Day 131 – One Year Ago

The South African side of our family is passionate about Highland Dancing. Stuart’s sister, Hayley, has her own dance studio in Cape Town – and the niece, Robyn, has won the SA Championship (under 15) several times – this year being no exeption. Therefore, the SA Championships in August is a major event, with the entire family descending on us.

The day is always a lot of fun, but due to travel, work and life in general, I was unable to join them for the event itself. However, it did get me going back to my photos from year before. And because these were better than any pictures I snapped on this date itself (by a long mile), I decided to make an exception and post pictures from exactly a year ago.

If everyone knows about it, it ain’t cheating.

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Day 130 – Date night

Stuart and I are much more into watching series than watching movies. Sure, we see many of the big blockbusters, and sometimes a movie is rumoured to be so good, it can’t even escape our notice, but generally it is a good series that gets us ticking. Maybe it’s because the series will continue past that single evening. Letting go of a good movie character is just as hard as saying goodbye to a favourite book character in the final chapter. Let’s all be grateful for the season 10.



Day 129 – In the Eye of the Beholder

Close to our house there is a very sweet statue of a sister and a brother – or maybe sweethearts – leaning to each other and smiling.

Change the angle, have a few dark clouds in the background and add some contrast – and the scene changes. Something threatening is approaching and the brother is wrapping his arms protectively around his sister…

It’s all in your point of view.

Day 129