Day 68 – Smoking cold

Today has been a day from culinary heaven – asparagus, pancetta & qruyere quiche, tomato & basil sorbet – and cold-smoked salmon (!). It is a taste of Finland. And I still have about 1.5kg of it in the freezer.

The most interesting culinary experience was, though, the cold-smoked chocolate ice cream I made from cream I smoked with the fish. It was eye-rollingly good. I dare you to taste.

Ally and Chris – thank you for being (again) the guinea pigs!

I focused much more on cooking than on photography, but just for the fun of it, below are a few pics of the food.

Day 68 - quicheDay 68 - ice creamDay 68 - fishDay 68 - fish ready

Day 54 – For the love of reading

Me and Stuart both love reading. We both started using Kindles after just a few weeks of living together, as we quickly started running out of wall space. Both of us love buying books and would never sell one – not a combination that works in the normal-sized houses. Nowadays we only buys cookbooks and travel books – everything else is digital.

So today’s photo is an experiment on long exposure photography to celebrate the spirit of reading.