Day 21 – Furry visitor

Merlin’s friend Jozi is staying with us for a week – just in time for some more rain and mud. We took the pups to the park today to get rid of some of that excess energy (like it would make any difference…) when the sun came out for a while. Jozi was stubbornly refusing to accept us as the pack leaders, and ended back in the leash.


Weekend escape

Life is hectic at the moment. For all the wrong reasons. But when you are really busy, there is nothing you need more than a break.

Three hours to Bruges, Belgium. Three nights. Small moments of peace.

201311 Bruges 016

201311 Bruges 015

201311 Bruges 195

201311 Bruges 204

If you wonder why I have so many after-the-sunset pictures… There isn’t exactly that many hours of daylight in here at the moment. Very quaint. Very Christmassy.

201311 Bruges 097

201311 Bruges 111

201311 Bruges 124

201311 Bruges 162